Mystery on Main

New beginnings

I wanted to showcase what Australians can produce and sell without us importing anything from overseas. Whether that be clothing or artwork. How wonderful it is to receive a gift or buy something for yourself or your home to look underneath/inside and see it is made in Australia. We are gifted with the greatest country to live in and we have amazing talented artisans who produce beautiful work from designing to production. Most of these artisans struggle to get their product out in public, showcase it and build a customer base….I aim to help them obtain all of these and promote their crafts with their history and contacts on their work displayed in Mystery on Main. I am confident I have gathered amazing people displaying their art, only one of each craft will be displayed and the pool of talents available is never ending in this country. I will be promoting the local singer/songwriters in the hinterland with the sale of their music, I will have several of this genre. I hope my customers will be inspired and amazed when they look through our shop and see what Aussies can do.

Come and visit us!

200 Main Street
Montville, QLD 4560

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